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Our products

  • Separators

  • Two-stage

  • Three-stage

  • Scrubbers

  • Fuel Pot Scrubbers

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Coalescing Filters

  • Storage Tanks

  • Skids

  • Make-up Water Tanks

  • Blowdown /flash Tanks

  • Test Cell Stacks

  • Dump/drain Skids

  • Vapor Recovery Units/compressor Skids

  • Electric

  • Natural Gas

  • Koomey Tanks and Skids

atlantic fabrication and design
atlantic fabrication and design

What Can Atlantic Fabrication do for You?

Whether it’s a maintenance troubleshooting and repairs, maintenance programs, equipment installation or modification, engineering, design, drafting, or fabrication, Atlantic Fabrication, and Design are prepared to respond to you.