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atlantic fabrication and design

What Can Atlantic Fabrication do for You?

Whether it’s a maintenance troubleshooting and repairs, maintenance programs, equipment installation or modification, engineering, design, drafting, or fabrication, Atlantic Fabrication, and Design are prepared to respond to you.

Our Vision

Atlantic Fabrication and Design was founded in 2007 and established on the foundation that hard work and providing a quality product were the number one requirements in building a successful organization that will withstand the test of time. To that end, we have built our people, equipment, and facility.

We provide mechanical and welding fabrication services that range from small equipment changes to installing large systems. We have been called a job shop, fabricator, and welding shop. Whether you need is carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, we can fabricate what you need. We can make things happen for your organization no matter what you call us.

atlantic fabrication and design
atlantic fabrication and design

Atlantic Fabrication is an ASME “U” Stamp certified pressure vessel manufacturer. We can and do make vessels from 6” to 10 feet in diameter, from 15 pounds of the working pressure to 1,100 pounds from 2 feet to 40 feet. We have the equipment, knowledge, and people to make it happen for you.

We also carry an NBIC “R” Stamp which covers the repair of pressure vessels, boilers, and steam piping systems. Whether your place or ours, we can repair happen for you. In addition, we have an Oklahoma License to install, service, and repair boilers and piping systems.

Although the majority of our vessels have been manufactured for the oil and energy sector, we would like the opportunity to be of service to your organization. Please see the next pages that give you a representative sample of the services and products we have provided to our customers.

We can provide the following

  • Blowdown Tanks/flash Tanks

  • Separators

  • Fuel Pot Scrubbers

  • Scrubbers

  • Water Make-up Tanks

  • Filter Pots

  • Tanks

  • Process Piping Systems

  • Steam Piping Systems

  • Condensers

  • Storage Bins

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Koomey Units

atlantic fabrication and design
atlantic fabrication and design

We can help

Whether your needs are in chemical, petrochemical, energy, or manufacturing, get in touch with us and let us help you with your needs.